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Data compass unlimited version - Data Compass Unlimited Version

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Data Compass Unlimited Version
Data Compass Unlimited Version
Giá: 150,000,000 VND

(bộ tổng hợp)

Data Compass Unlimited Version with raid (bộ tổng hợp như bộ 4 bao gồm cả cứu hdd Raid) : 170.000.000 đồng
mage & Recover Data From Detected & Undetected Drives

On April 12th, SalvationDATA released Data Copy King as the universal hard drive duplicator imaging TB-level hard drives with big capacities at 7GB/min. Besides, Data Copy King integrates 8GB/mindata wiping hardware solutions and 7GB/min disk test solutions. Because of this release, we receive many of the following questions or doubts:

What is the relationship between Data Compass and Data Copy King? Is Data Copy King a replacement tool for Data Compass? Does SalvationDATA put more attention in creating new tools while not improving the existing tools?

Now let us answer all above questions clearly and officially here- Data Copy King is the add-on hardware solution of Data Compass and at the same time, it’s one independent high-speed hard drive duplicator and data wiping hardware


Part I: Data Compass Review

Data Compass was originally designed with UDMA 133 supported, it is able to image or recover hard drives and flash drives with adapters supported. It has the following features:

01: Easily recover lost data due to file system corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, operating system malfunction and so forth;
02: 70% higher success rate of data recovery than traditional data recovery tools from drives with lots of bad sectors or unstable drives after head swap;


However, Data Compass finally adopted USB2.0 design which has a data transfer speed limit. On the other hand, Data Compass thereafter met the increasing demand of portable data recovery hardware equipment and customers are happy about the portability.

1Byte=8bit, 1KB=1024Bytes, 1MB=1024KB, Mbps= MEGABIT per second=1, 000, 000 Bits
USB 2.0 has a raw data rate at 480Mbps, which is also its theoretical data transfer speed=480*1,000,000/8/1024/1024=57.22MB/s=3.35GB/m
For a 500GB hard drive with perfect conditions, even if you have reached the theoretical data transfer speed of 3.35GB/m, you need to spend about 2.5hours. However, the theoretical 57 MB/sec can never be achieved due to the margin taken between the sof's. Most users can have a speed of about 25MB/s around. What if you are going to image unstable drives after a head swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors? At that time, you will find USB2.0 data transfer mode far away from a satisfactory imaging speed but USB design is an excellent feature for Data Compass to be portable and able to help users to provide door-to-door data recovery services.

Part II: Data Compass becomes more powerful with Data Copy King Add-on hardware-Top the disk imaging market

Let’s emphasize again ‘Data Copy King is not a replacement tool for Data Compass’ but one important imaging add-on hardware for Data Compass!

SalvationDATA always listens to the customers, market and we deeply understand the limit of USB2.0 to image drives with general speed and therefore we decided to upgrade Data Compass by creating one imaging hardware add-on using UDMA133- Data Copy King.


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