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Data compass standard cuu du lieu o cung pc laptop - Data Compass Standard (cứu dữ liệu ổ cứng PC, Laptop)

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Data Compass Standard (cứu dữ liệu ổ cứng PC, Laptop)
Data Compass Standard (cứu dữ liệu ổ cứng PC, Laptop)
Giá: 75,000,000 VND

What can Data Compass do?

Data recovery from physically damaged HDDs is what Data Compass designed for.

  • Data recovery from HDDs with severe multiple BAD sectors, which appear because of platter surface scratch or malfunction or instability of the magnetic head assembly (MHA).
  • Data recovery from HDDs that start to produce "clicking" sounds, which may be caused by corruption of sector servo labels or a MHA malfunction. If some heads or surfaces are damaged it is possible (before installation of MHA replacement) to create a copy of data using the remaining good surfaces or drive heads.
  • Logical analysis of FAT,NTFS,HFS,HFX,HFS+,EXT2,EXT3 file systems in the software complex allows data recovery from all brands of hard drives and flash drives in cases, when the drives are detected in the bios and only logical data structure is corrupted.
  • Recover undetected drives: WD ROYL firmware loading from either primary head or secondary head, you don't need to change head when there's head damage but to recover the data directly with Data Compass; Hitachi firmware Emulation is optimized by clicking on the "auto loading" and then the program will detect the HDD info automatically and load the corresponding firmware resources to restore the drive and then recover the data directly;
  • When used with malfunctioning drives, Data Compass complex often allows selective extraction of necessary data to your customers without reading all data from a drive ("recover data by file" without creating a complete disk image) saving a lot of time. In some cases, when drive malfunctions, they may cause constant self-damages (like scratches on disks or unstable MHA), these are the only means to recover the lost data from such kind of patient drives. With the ShadowDisk technology adopted, users need not to worry about the drive degradation problem.

Examples of Data Compass Application:

  • Application of data recovery by using intensive reading function built in DC
  • Image by selective head(s): The application of 'head Map' in drive imaging

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  • SalvationDATA Has Newly Upgraded Data Compass To Version 10.0

Purchasing tips:

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