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Hdd repair tools hd doctor for seagate - HDD Repair Tools-HD DOCTOR for Seagate

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HDD Repair Tools-HD DOCTOR for Seagate
HDD Repair Tools-HD DOCTOR for Seagate
Giá: 15,000,000 VND

HDD Repair Tools-HD DOCTOR for Seagate

HD Doctor for Seagate is one professional hdd repair hardware tool originally manufactured by SalvationDATA to handle Seagate hard drive firmware corruption, repair bad sectors, remove passwords, etc. It’s so far the most competitive Seagate hdd repair tool supporting different Seagate HDD families, including barracuda 7200.11 and 7200.12, etc.

It is also the updated version of HDD Repairer (Seagate) PRO, one of ourfree data recovery tools for Seagate provided before.

Image of our HD Doctor for Seagate and its connection to patient IDE HDD for HDD diagnosis and repair:

Repair SATA HDD using HD Doctor for Seagate:

Main features of HD Doctor for Seagate:

Load Management:
Load the resource information of the drive to the program, including the drive series, model number and other parameters of the drive.

Terminal mode:
It makes it easy to monitor, view the status of the patient drive and help to make a fast diagnose onto the drive and find out a right solution. Besides you can perform hdd repair using HDD ATA commands here.

Read FW:
Backup the firmware by modules and tracks

Update FW:
Update the existing corrupted firmware with a donor one to repair the drive.

SA Scan and Repair: Diagnose, Stuff Fix and Read-only repair are included.

Defects Operation:
Clear P-list, clear G-list, disable zone, defects to P-list, surface scan, zerofill and other defects fixing features and solutions are included.

ROM Operation:
ROM read/write, you have to make sure there’s BIOS chip on the PCB, like the following pictures show (in red). If there is not a BIOS chip on the PCB, it means the ROM has been embedded in the main chip.

Repair HD problems when you get lots of red and green blocks found by MHDD and unstable sectors. It is easy-to-operate but meanwhile it will take a long time to finish (normally 6-8 hours or even longer)

Boot Management:
Customize your own initialization, Load APP, CE Log Repair, Forced write to SA and other features are included here.

Heads Operation:
Head depop-Forward and Random head depop.

Other Features:
Seagate HDD password removal, Reset Smart, HDD configuration, Motor control, power control and other useful Seagate HDD repair features are included.

HD Doctor for Seagate is one must-have hdd repair tool if you are going to provide Seagate HDD repair or data recovery services.

If you are interested in this hdd repair tool, please email directly to info[at] You can also learn more on our other data recovery tools.


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