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File Extractor
File Extractor
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File Extractor is a newly released professional data recovery tool from SalvationDATA
File Extractor is a newly released professional data recovery tool from SalvationDATA, which contains several remarkably advanced data recovery technologies. It can be applied all ATA/SATA hard drives in 3.5”, 2.5” and 1.8” (the original interface is 3.5” ATA, need compatible adaptors for others' interface) with unstable heads, clicking noise and severe bad sectors to make sure the maximum recovery of data. Meanwhile, this new tool can run well under WINDOWS 2000/2003/XP/VISTA/07(32 Bit) and FAT,NTFS, HFS,HFS+, EXT2,EXT3. With this tool, it will be easy to highly increase both the working capability and data recovery success rate.

What kinds of problems can be solved by using File Extractor?

  1. To image or clone the good or defective hard drives.  
  2. To finish data recovery from physically damaged HDDs, such as,
    * HDDs with multiple bad sectors
    * HDDs with "knocking" sounds
    * HDDs with patient heads
  3. To finish data recovery from logically damaged HDDs,
for example,

    * Damaged partition table
    * Damages in partition data structures (FAT, MFT, INODE tables etc.)
    * Accidental deleted data
    * Partitions are formatted or deleted etc
    * Virus attack, etc.
  4. Data recovery from HDD with combination of physical and logical damages.

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