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Forensic magicube magiq 2 - Forensic MagiCube (MagiQ-2)

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Forensic MagiCube (MagiQ-2)
Forensic MagiCube (MagiQ-2)
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Forensic MagiCube (MagiQ-2)
Forensic MagiCube is an all-in-one solution for scene digital investigations. MagiQ-2 is the 2 nd generation of Forensic MaiCube. It support 2:2 duplication, forensic analysis and live OS emulation and remote duplication. In addition to its powerful function, its compelling appearance and portable design make it win the Kapok Prize in 2011 China Original Product Design Competition. MagiQ-2 makes scene digital investigations simpler and easier.

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