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May sua firmware seagate - Máy sửa Firmware Seagate 7200.11

Công Cụ Cứu Dữ Liệu

Máy sửa Firmware Seagate 7200.11

Thiết bị sửa chữa cứu dữ liệu 7200.11

Hardware + soft + hướng dẫn cách khắc phục lỗi ổ cứng 7200.11; 7200.12

Up date Firmware HDD Seagate

Được hướng dẫn trên chính thiết bị hư, bạn sẽ khắc phục xong mọi lỗi này và lấy được dữ liệu.

Giá : 90.000.000 trọn gói thanh toán 1 lần

Most recently, we seen many Seagate drives affected by failing spindles. A bad spindle makes for a very difficult, but usually successful recovery. A "bad spindle" is a term used to describe the failure of the mechanism that spins the platters. The platters sit on a spindle that is attached to a direct drive motor where the motor's shaft serves as the spindle. The spindle spins the platters thousands of rotations per minute, depending on the speed of the hard drive. Most consumer-based hard drives have spindle speeds of either 5,400RPM or 7,200RPM while faster server drives support speeds of 10,000RPM and 15,000RPM. This spindle speed is considered the mechanical speed of the drive; generally, the higher the speed, the faster the data can be accessed and read. In such situations when the spindle has locked up, the drive often produces a slight noise when the spindle motor windings receive current, but are not able to spin the platters. The "fluid ball bearings" (oil) have either leaked out or become contaminated to the point where it has locked up permanently. In this case, we must remove the platters from your hard drive using specialized equipment and techniques, and read these platters using another device. Once the data on the platters are copied, we can then reassemble your data and ship it back to you on the medium of your choice.

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